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Does the Home page have a quick read, 100-word explanation of the company's purpose?

Does the Home page copy, its Page title and Metatags reinforce each other?


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Our Website Design Philosophy

This represents the mind-set for website design services at Thieme Creative Media ...

  • ... we will be looking at how the site should support your overall revenue priorities or your organization's mission.
  • ... we're going to put the purpose of your site in writing; how much revenue do you expect to bring in from your site; how much are you generating now.
  • ... we're a firm that wants you to improve the efficiency of your website marketing; improve your rankings with search engines; increase qualified leads coming off your website; reduce the cost of providing goods and services; increase your market share on the Internet.
Chesapeak Ranch Website
  • ... we're concerned about good design, but we're equally, if not more, concerned about function.
  • ... we want your customer/constituent to find it very easy to interact with you when on your website — not a great mystery; how easy is it to find your phone number?
  • ... we want pages loaded with images to download quickly; we will optimize all images, squeezing the KB out of the files without harming the image's appearance.
  • ... we will take the time to put your MS Word files into Notepad where we can be assured that all of Microsoft's useless code is wiped away.
Unidev Website Interior Page
  • ... we want your customer to find the specific information they are seeking in no more than three clicks.
  • ... we know how to write web page copy that excites viewers and improve the site's search engine rankings.
  • ... we have the ability to analyze your web traffic and make monthly recommendations based on this data.
  • ... we know the quality in web traffic analysis from the likes of Google Analytics, Urchin and SmarterStats versus the bottom of the analytic barrel where you have AWStats and Webalizer.