The WHC World

Not all Web Hosting Companies are created equal.

Many of the top-ranked WHC's want only to be a "ticket-taker!"

We have explored many WHC's.

We have experienced the 'good, bad and ugly.'

We have transferred client websites from one WHC to another WHC. We know the 'bumps in the road' that will arise — even with the best of them.



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Our Website Design Strengths

They include:

  • Information Architecture —- the ability to envision the comprehensive organization and layout of individual web departments and their numerous respective website pages
  • Website Design — this comes after we've helped you determine your online marketing and/or communications objectives, NOT before
  • Effective Website Copywriting — contributes to higher rankings on the major search engines for your website


Smile Herb Web Snapshot


{Herbal vitamin database-driven website project}


Barbour Group Website Snapshot
  • Updating a client's website within a day of receiving photos and/or text

  • Regularly backing up and archiving your website both on-site at Thieme Creative Media and off-site in a safe deposit box

  • Providing an occasional DVD that archives your entire website production folder and protects your financial investment in your website


{Surety bonds, business insurance firm website design}


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