Daily/Monthly Updates

Thieme Creative Media distinguishes itself from many web design companies who are great in the design/launch phase, but cannot deliver timely updates to those sites.

On a daily basis, we receive text or image files electronically for proper formatting onto existing or new pages and uploading to your website.


When needed, Thieme Creative Media will partner with technical consultants in PHP, ColdFusion and other programming codes to accomplish the ecommerce objective.

We know the questions to ask of your Web Hosting Company [WHC] before commencing with the programming phases.

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Site Testing

Thieme Creative Media guarantees the presentation and interactivity of all Web pages in Internet Explorer 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, Firefox on the PC side and Safari on the Mac side. However, it cannot predict how pages will print, particularly on earlier editions of browsers.

Due to the lack of standardization among browsers and the immense options of printers and printer drivers on both Mac and PC platforms, Thieme Creative Media will work with each web client to determine the best design approach based on an assessment of that client's market.


The average production cycle for an average website will be 60 days. This is based on the following assumptions: your business is giving this project high priority and that our requests for text, files, and/or images will always be answered within two business days.

However, we have had some clients who've allowed the full production cycle to go over a year. They want the new website, but are derailed by other company priorities and staff responsibilities.

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The Website Design Process

Some of our major phases of website development:

  • Assess Your Marketing Objectives
  • Your Likes and Dislikes
  • Finalization of Information Architecture
  • Creation of All Design Elements/Templates/Navigational Buttons/Icons
  • Search Engine Benchmark Report on Keywords
  • Building Website in Dreamweaver/Fireworks
  • Test Website with Web Hosting Company [WHC]
  • Launch New Website
  • Search Engine Registration

Working with Your Web Hosting Company (if you already have a website)

Download existing site
Assess WHC's technical resources
Assess WHC's web stats programPorcoHomeSwatch
Establish statistical benchmark on current website traffic
Determine what images on current site can be used again

Assess Your Marketing Objectives

What are your business objectives?
What are we selling -- a product, a cause?
Who are your competitors?
What questions do you get from your customers?
Who are your audiences?
How much revenue/sales did your site generate last year?
How is the website to complement your collateral and other promotional activities?
Develop "top 10" priority keyword/phrases

Your Likes and Dislikes

List five sites you like; list the specific features you favor
List three sites you don't like; list the specific features you find objectionable

Finalization of Information Architecture

Create PowerPoint schematic diagrams, showing web content overview
Define major departments of information
Define departmental sub-sections of information
Conduct face-to-face meetings on overall site map
What forms are needed
Define how consumer can interact with your business via your website
What sections of the site will need updating

Creation of All Design Elements/Templates/Navigational Buttons/Icons

Create an HTML representation of previously approved navigational schema
Design unique icons and navigational bars
Shows precise layout schema and how many templates
Shows colors and overall thematic look of proposed site
Show how colors display on computer monitor
Work with existing corporate logo

Search Engine Benchmark Report on Keywords

Run benchmark report to see how existing website ranks on top three search engines

Building Website in Dreamweaver/FireworksKaineInteriorMap

Build Home page, using approved template
Build agreed upon interior pages, using approved templates
Prepare all supporting imagery to be used throughout site
Provide creative copywriting where required
Scan required documents/images
Prep and optimize all photographic imagery for crisp online presentation

Test Website with WHC

Launch hidden website on WHC for testing purposes
Ensure all forms and interactivity are working properly
Verify quick downloading times

Launch New Website

Search Engine Registration

Select top five pages to register with major search engines
Prepare metatag structure, if needed

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