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We've created targeted PPC ads on both Google and Yahoo for one of our clients. We've also orchestrated the client's overall marketing strategy on these two major search engines. We've monitored weekly which ads and which keywords were generating click throughs to the client's website.

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Reviewing WHC Stats

Clients also appreciate our skills and insights for reviewing a Web Hosting Company's web traffic reports. We know when a WHC is offering a high-end service to its clients. Many clients seek our guidance in this aspect of web marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization — Best Practices

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The following sampling of SEO principles are relevant
as of March 2011. They are based on existing search engine algorithms and a review of professional writings by search engine marketers around the world.

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  have over 70% of the market

TCM offers these two major SEO "Tenets" below from our "Top 10" list as examples of the online marketing practices that should be followed by all web marketers. Want to receive the full list? Call Don today!

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Tenet #2:

Write effective Body Copy text. If the purpose of this page is to promote the sale of “Dyson Vacuum Cleaners,” you will craft your 200 – 400 Body Copy text to reflect the various Thesaurus ways to refer to said vacuum cleaner. You do not want to pad the priority keyword/phrase, where there is no textual reason for such. But there can be clever repetition of the priority keyword/phrase where good web page copywriting allows such.

Update your page content (Body Copy section) frequently as stale content can occasionally keep a page from ranking well. Ideally, the Body Copy would be massaged and/or tweaked in some fashion every two weeks at a minimum. Remember: Content is King!!!

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Tenet #4:

Create a strong “landing page” within the interior pages of your website. Search engines may embrace your HOME page, but given that editorially you may be covering a wide array of products, services and causes on the HOME page, you should seek high rankings for a strong interior “landing page.” This landing page would reek ad nauseam for the targeted keyword/phrase. Search engines would embrace this landing page as a definitive narrative for that particular keyword/phrase.