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Creative capabilities are timeless.

To enhance those talents, Thieme Creative Media is constantly embracing the latest cutting-edge technologies that enable us to better serve your promotional needs.

For example, you would want to talk to Thieme Creative Media if:High Tech Graphical Imagae

  • you wanted a straight-forward assessment of sending a company newsletter to the printer versus migrating to ePublishing.
  • you want to market your services online, but need an explanation on the pros and cons of designing a custom website in Dreamweaver as opposed to purchasing a template from or creating a website at Network Solutions, utilizing their Website Builder tool.
  • you're confused about why Quark Express has slipped in the graphic design market and Adobe's InDesign is getting rave reviews from graphic designers and printers nationwide.
  • you don't understand the difference in "organic rankings" on major search engines compared to "pay-per-click" strategies.
  • you need to know how web-based Flash techniques can be counterproductive to online sales goals.
  • you're confused about the technical qualities in "raster" versus "vector" files. Which is best?
  • should you put metatags in your website? If you do, what's the best way to craft them?
  • what is the ideal length for a web page's title — the one that appears at the very top of your browser screen?
  • you had a need to create an ecommerce website that sold over 2,000 herbal vitamins online.