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Small versus Large Graphic

At Thieme Creative Media, we agree.

You have to decide: do you want to talk to one of the two company partners — each with over 30 years experience, or do you want to go through a tiring phone matrix that has you talking with a junior account executive or a summer intern?

Mmmmm? Seasoned professional or junior account executives!!!

We have chosen to keep our full-time staff small, our overhead down and our accompanying hourly rates attractive.



When needed, we call in one or more of our established bullpen of Topical Experts. Due to our wide range of expertise, that's only needed about 20% of the time.

Deadlines? We challenge you to give us one we cannot meet.

We move fast — one of the advantages of being small. No large corporate maze through which a project has to be coordinated. Your project will move seamlessly from marketing strategy to graphic design to web development.

Talk to our clients, see our reference section.