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TCM will send a check for 5% of the first month's billings to any individual who recommends TCM to someone who becomes a client of ours.

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Any faith-based organization receives a 25% discount on the total charges for a specific project.


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Rate Schedules Overview

Depending on the creative skill set that you are tapping at Thieme Creative Media, our written estimates will be based on hourly rates ranging from $40 to $60 to $80 an hour. Dollar Sign GraphicFurthermore, overall account servicing is recorded in quarter-hour segments meaning that we're not going to bill you an hour for something that only took 15 minutes.

The above hourly rates are reduced when the client is wanting a weekly ongoing commitment that is to last for several months.

We will charge rush and overtime charges ($100/hour) when a client's needs necessitate creative work after business hours, on weekends and holidays.

Every defined creative media deliverable e.g., a 32-page, four-color magazine, a website makeover, a multi-colored logo creation, etc. receives a detailed written estimate in advance. We stand behind every estimate unless the client increases the scope of work.

We want you to know your media production costs up front.

Additionally, we are unique because we:

  • believe that creative products created for and paid for by you, belong to you — not the design firm.
  • do not mark up sub-contractor charges and/or out-of-pocket costs.
  • do not charge for local travel time.
  • regularly back up and archive your print files and website both on-site at Thieme Creative Media and off-site in a safe deposit box.
  • never miss deadlines.

[Above rates effective January 2016]

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