Payment Schedules

Down Payment & Interim Invoices

TCM and the client will both sign a written estimate/proposal outlining all production steps and costs.

The client will be asked to pay upfront a portion of the overall project costs. Additionally, the client will be expected to make payment for interim invoices as the production schedule progresses.

30-Days Net Policy

You Have 30-Days from Invoice Date

Most of our clients pay within two weeks, but we do honor an industry norm of '30-Days Net.'

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Rate Schedules — Website Design & Construction

Presently, the total costs for custom websites designed and constructed by Thieme Creative Media range from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on the size and complexity of each site.

Determining fees for website design and content management is similar to asking the architect what will it cost to build your dream home.

How many levels, bedrooms, bathrooms and the desired architectural appointment all have bearing on the final costs.

Metaphorically, how far up the ladder do you want to climb?Futuristic man and ladder

Generally, our clients are paying between $8,000 and $15,000 for a custom-designed static website that has six main navigational buttons that collectively contain 20 - 30 pages of editorial content with supporting still images. However, if the client's marketing objectives call for a major database-driven component in the custom website design, the total media production costs could range from $20,000 to $40,000.

These additional monies are necessary to cover the hourly rates of specialized PHP and ColdFusion programmers.

The following will provide a general frame of reference on how we determine all costs that will be documented in a written estimate/proposal.

These hourly rates apply for the website administrative, design and construction phases:

  • Navigational Scheme in Support of Marketing Objectives $60/hour
  • Template Design Phase $80/hour
  • Creative Copywriting for Web Pages $60/hour
  • Construction of New Pages $60/hour
  • PHP/ColdFusion Programmers $125 - 150/hour
  • Administrative Coordination with Client, other suppliers of images and copypoints and client's Web Hosting Company $40/hour

The following rate applies to ongoing daily/weekly updates to a website:

Hourly rates: $60/hour [These rates are reduced by $20/hour when there is a continuous daily/weekly demand for these timely updates.] This rate applies when the client forwards continuous flow text in a series of paragraphs with minimal bulleted lists.

The client can provide the new text electronically in Microsoft Word files that will be formatted in keeping with established website style sheets via HTML code or Cascading Style Sheets.

Hourly rates for complex tabular data: $60 - $80/hour [This rate applies to creation of complex HTML tables and images to be sized, formatted and optimized for proper web treatment on a particular page.

Thieme Creative Media will upload new and revised pages within three business days of receiving the material and instructions. Thieme Creative Media records all tasks in quarter-hour segments and provides a monthly breakout by day and time required for various tasks.

When the client submits material after 3:00 pm and requests posting on the same day, Thieme Creative Media will charge a rush/overtime fee of time and a half.

[Above rates effective January 2016]


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