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Rate Schedules — Marketing Fees

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Our hourly marketing communications rates range from $40 to $60 to $80 per hour.

For example, if we were meeting to discuss a Direct Mail Marketing campaign, our fees for that discussion time would be $60 an hour. All the time to coordinate the printer, mail house and related vendors would be charged at $40 an hour.

The creative copywriting time would be billed at $60 an hour. The design time of the direct mail piece: $80 an hour.

But as always, you receive, in advance, a written estimate outlining the scope of work for the marketing communications deliverable and the related total media production costs. Even if we estimate 10 hours for a portion of the task — and it takes 20, we never bill you for that additional time.

The only time the dollar amount in a Thieme Creative Media estimate/proposal changes is when you change the scope of work. For example, when you decide that instead of an 8 by 10' trade show exhibit with one handout and a general trade media press release, you want a 20' by 40' exhibition display with five brochures and a continuous loop eight-minute video production.

[Above rates effective January 2016]

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