Different Audiences

Require different media tools

TCM does not automatically tell you that you need a website or a direct mail campaign.

Many communication goals

Which media tool do you need today? How and when do you 'want to make noise?'

What is your marketing budget?

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Cyber Shapes

Selling a Product? Educating an Audience?

Marketing Communications at Thieme Creative Media takes many shapes and forms.

Your company may need an Integrated Marketing Campaign that calls for Magazines and Newsletters, Google Adwords Creation, Animated Banner Advertisements on Internet Portals, eMarketing Campaigns, Special Events, Website Design & Construction, Media Relations, Direct Mail or a Social Media component.

Or your association is looking for a Statewide Public Awareness Campaign with Brochures, Billboards and Town Hall Audiovisual or PowerPoint Presentations.

We've done it all!TCM Folder and Pamphlet Graphic

Which communication medium do you need?

  • What audience are you trying to reach?
  • What is the unique selling proposition of your company or its products?
  • What are your revenue goals, collectively and by year?
  • What percentage of gross do you want to commit to marketing, advertising, corporate branding, sales collateral, direct mail, website development including online registration, etc.?
  • What are your nonprofit's main educational goals?

We've sold many 'products' and 'causes.'

Don Thieme, senior partner in Thieme Creative Media, has 30 years of marketing/public relations experience which in the last 10 years has focused more on website marketing, design and construction.