Why Email Marketing?

  • It's Affordable — a great return for a minimal investment.
  • It's Effective — using targeted email lists.
  • It's Immediate — generate an instant response.
  • It's Measurable — see who is opening your emails and what links they click on.

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Our eMarketing Godfather

TCM has formed a Business Partnership with Constant Contact.

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iMedia and Marketing Charts

"Email campaigns That Failed," Dylan Boyd, iMedia Connection.

"11 Email Design Best Practices," Ryan Buchanan, iMedia Connection.

"Email Navigation ... Design Tactics," Smith-Harmon, Marketing Charts.

eMarketing — Email Marketing & eNewsletters

TCM Email Marketing Promotions

Setting New 'Open Rate' Records

In keeping with emerging Internet technologies, we've added email marketing techniques to our creative skill sets.

We've set new 'Open Rate' and 'Click Through' rates with Constant Contact.

The adjacent email marketing promotion registered a 42% Open Rate and a 29% Click Through rate. Constant Contact's own records indicate an Open Rate of 22% and a Click Through rate of around 12% are industry-wide norms.

One of our print design clients has now moved to an eNewsletter marketing approach.

This client is well aware of the trade-offs:

  • elimination of printing costs
  • elimination of direct mail postage
  • move from bi-monthly to monthly issues
  • interactive content
  • versus
  • web publishing limitations
  • reduced content

Constant Contact Logo

Learning new web design skills

Email marketing and eNewsletter publishing is a whole new world for graphic designers who have mastered InDesign and the earlier frontrunner, Quark.

Constant Contact's vast offering of template design layouts is awesome. But the technology does have its limitations. However, a good graphic designer can master those nuances.

Constant Contact continues to impress us with a real-time response rate from their technical experts.

constant contact code view

We are super impressed with their technology

We've spent considerable time in online training with Constant Contact. We've participated in their various webinars and reviewed their enormous offering of printed tutorials.

We've taken our print graphic design skills and embraced Constant Contact's technology, even manipulating and altering their provided code.

Then, we've mixed in our own creativity against the CC backdrop. We are blending our years of graphic design expertise with the new online publishing world.