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Does Print Still Have a Role?

Many of our clients still have need for top-notch creative design for printed collateral.

At the same time, TCM is embracing the evolution of the "ePublishing" world.




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A Designer's Philosophy

Carole Thieme's design philosophy encompasses clean, uncluttered design, with an excellent eye for color, balance, consistency and design integrity. Her range encompasses Maryland Tourism Flyercorporate brand identity, logo design, magazines and newsletters, conference logo design and collateral materials, posters, illustrations and fine arts mascot illustrations.

Whether a project calls for a classic refined design or a trendier, edgier look, Thieme Creative Media is on top of the challenge.

She is equally comfortable with print publishing and digital publishing. Confused about the best platform for your project? Ask Carole.

Carole believes the best graphic design enhances but does not compete with the editorial and pictorial essence of a project. White space is your friend. Let it work to your advantage.

The look of a project is always dictated by the client, and Carole's portfolio shows a wide array of successful projects with many different looks for many diverse clients.

Consistency within each project is a hallmark of TCM design work. This is particularly important for corporate branding and other large projects which encompass many design components. Templates and style sheets for fonts and colors are always utilized to ensure that consistency.

Interpretative Signage in Charles CountyAlso an award-winning fine artist over the years at numerous juried regional art competitions, Carole utilizes those fine art talents in her graphic design projects to take them to a higher level of graphic excellence.

Notice [to the left] the pencil illustrations Carole created to be joined with her graphic design skills. Charles County Parks & Recreation loves the design layout.

For printed projects, she contacts the selected printer for prepress details to make sure the files will be presented in a format specifically styled per that printer’s request. TCM is highly regarded among printers across the country for the perfection of the files she presents to them.

Carole is a seasoned design professional with a long history of design excellence, yet she daily monitors current trends and techniques. Her integrity, commitment, personality and talent have kept clients on board with Thieme Creative Media for many years and continue to attract new ones.