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2012 Two Sides [nonprofit organization] Survey Findings

  • 69% of 18 - 24-year olds prefer to read print communications, rather than reading off a screen

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Did you know that promotional campaigns are 6x more profitable with print in the marketing mix?

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Carole Thieme started ...

... her graphic design business over 25 years ago with a vast experience in graphic communications and related fields.

From her start at Auburn University where she was an honor student in Visual Design, she went on to become the Art Director for the Governor of Florida.

She followed that tenure by becoming a senior Graphic Designer at the corporate headquarters of United Way of America in northern Virginia.

Her clients know her strengths to be strong graphic design skills equally matched by her ability to meet everyone's deadline.

And printers around the country love the way Carole prepares electronic files for prepress.

In fact, many printers provide a printing bill discount when they know the file was created and preflighted by Carole Thieme.


Thieme Creative Media designs and produces ...

... for both the private sector and the nonprofit world in Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland — and beyond.

In addition to her graphic design projects ...

... she also creates illustrations with her electronic drawing tablet, tapping Carole's fine art/illustration skills. She has recently developed her second mascot identity for a southern Maryland county government agency, serving the elderly.